Not a huge fan of One Direction or Zayn Malik, but MAJOR respect for this man right here:


Hoping that he wont delete it like Rihanna, or apologize for it like John Kerry.


Why it matters: celebrities can help the cause by bringing it to the attention of the media and their…


yo so i’ve noticed a lot of people confused about the Palestine Israel conflict and what zayn and harry have said about it; so i thought i’d put together a masterpost of all the times it has come up with them. feel free to let me know (nicely lol) if any of the info i have in here is wrong; but i…



Funny how we get each other’s names stuck in our heads. I can’t remember what I did a few hours ago but I never forget to think of you.


it’s kind of weird knowing that when you sleep, you’re just looking at your eyelids but somewhere in your brain, you are able to produce dreams as if you’re still awake.  


Relationships suck, you either get married or breakup 

Or divorced

All I ask for is to be happy.
Is this too much to ask for anymore?
– Me


haha if youre bored you could kiss me idk just sayin


i just said hi to someone and they didn’t hear me i’m never trying that again